Rug Cleaning VS Carpet Cleaning

Rug Cleaning VS Carpet Cleaning

The difference between rug and carpet cleaning

You might think that rugs and carpets are the same. Many people think rugs and carpets need the same attention as well, when in reality, they require different cleaning methods because of their different fibre types. Unfortunately this thought leads to many rugs being damaged. As professional carpet cleaners, Oshawa Carpet Cleaning knows all the separate cleaning methods and will properly care for your floor coverings. To give you some more understanding, let us break down the key differences for you.


The largest difference between the two is that rugs and carpets aren’t constructed the same. Rugs are made to be mobile, meaning they can be moved easily. Because of this, they are built differently than carpets which are simply nailed to the floor. In addition to this, there are many types of area rugs and they all require slightly different cleaning methods


Fringe is the detailed edging on the ends of rugs. It hangs off the edge and gives rugs an added piece of detail. Carpets don’t have fringe because they go wall to wall which proves another difference between the two. Rugs with fringe need special attention. They are delicate pieces of cloth that can easily be ruined if not taken care of properly. Avoid using a vacuum when cleaning fringe because it could rip it out. 

Dirt Removal

Area rugs are made with a dense pile construction which makes them thicker. Their fibres are closer together than carpet which is another major difference. The denseness of rugs makes it easier for dirt and particles to get trapped inside. Deeper cleaning is needed in order to clean the entire rug. Carpets aren’t like this. Their fibres are less dense which makes regular cleaning easier, a standard vacuum will do the trick. 


Floor carpets are typically made of a single colour whereas rugs have lots of colours which make up their designs. Colour bleeding is a common issue when it comes to rugs which makes their cleaning methods different from carpet. When cleaning rugs, you should use correct solutions and methods to avoid bleeding and fading. A standard carpet cleaning solution won’t do the trick when it comes to rug cleaning.

Proper Training

Oshawa Carpet Cleaning has gone through the proper training needed to decipher which cleaning technique to use for which fibre type. When you choose our services, you can rest assured you are getting top quality cleans that won’t damage your floor covering. 

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