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All types of furniture and upholstery needs frequent cleaning. Whether it's leather or a type of fabric, everything needs to be taken care of to make sure they last a while.

If your furniture or upholstery looks dull or has numerous stains, then it’s the right time to get it deep cleaned. We can help you restore your items to like-new conditions. Oftentimes individuals can keep their furniture fairly clean but it's important to have them skilfully cleaned every once an a while. This prevents excessive wear and tear and extends their life. 

It's suggested that you to clean your upholstery and furniture once a year. Although if you have a more active household, bringing it in more regularly would be a good idea. Keeping up with the maintenance of your furniture will increase its lifespan.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and solutions that are safe for people and pets but still give you the quality of cleaning you are looking for. Check out our process for cleaning your furniture and upholstery so it's looking and smelling fresh!

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Professional upholstery furniture cleaning Oshawa
Professional upholstery furniture cleaning Oshawa

What damages upholstery?

If you don't take care of your upholstered furniture, it will deteriorate quickly due to daily use and normal wear and tear. If you have a large number of visitors in your home, host parties, or have dogs or children, your furniture is likely to be vulnerable to a lot of daily wear. As a result of all the activity, stains and unpleasant odours may develop over time.

You should contact expert furniture cleaning if you want your furniture to last a long time. To clean upholstery, Oshawa Carpet Cleaning use a tried-and-true steam cleaning method. This innovative process achieves a considerably greater level of clean than typical upholstery washing procedures. Or learn how to clean your couch by yourself!

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Oshawa

Upholstered furniture lends a welcoming and warm vibe to any living space. It can complement any room, whether you have an upholstered sofa or a set of dining room chairs. Despite the advantages of upholstered furniture, there are a few disadvantages. The biggest negative is that washing them can be time-consuming and difficult because they easily accumulate stains and odours.

Upholstered fabric is porous and absorbent, making it difficult to remove stains and odours. Stain removal from furniture is a delicate operation that must be performed with caution to avoid damage. Upholstery is delicate, and harsh cleaning procedures can wreak havoc on its appearance and design. Although reupholstering your furniture is a possibility, it can be costly.

Instead of having your complete piece of furniture reupholstered, contact our specialists for assistance. Oshawa Carpet Cleaning specializes in furniture and upholstery cleaning. Using our high-quality cleaning chemicals and equipment, our team can remove practically any stain without harming your upholstery. Call Oshawa Carpet Cleaning immediately to have your upholstered furniture cleaned. Read about the commonly asked questions about furniture cleaning here.

Professional Furniture Cleaning Services

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oshawa furinture and upholstery cleaning services professional and affordable
oshawa furinture and upholstery cleaning services professional and affordable

When to Hire an Upholstery Cleaner

Because we see our own dirty furniture every day, it's really easy to overlook it. Take a fresh look at your furniture to see if it requires professional cleaning. The following are common indicators that your furniture and upholstery should be deep cleaned.

Examining the overall condition of the upholstery, including any stains or filth. We frequently fail to notice stains in our furniture until it is too late. Stains must be addressed as soon as they appear, or they will become extremely difficult to remove. Attempting to erase an old stain can have the opposite impact that was intended. Instead of eliminating it, you risk spreading the stain and settling it deeper into the fabric.

There's a lot of pet fur. When it comes to hair, pet owners are no strangers to the difficulties that come with owning a pet. Pet hair can be found everywhere and seems to be an ongoing battle to get rid of. Hair removal attachments are frequently included with vacuums, however they are not always effective. The easiest approach to remove pet hair from your upholstery is to have it professionally cleaned. Our staff specializes in furniture cleaning, particularly the removal of pet hair and odours. We can remove all of the unwanted pet dander and odours from your chairs and make them appear like new again.

Unpleasant smells coming from your furniture. Many factors can contribute to the creation of unwanted odours in our furnishings. As a result of pet mishaps or food and drink spills, odours can be found deep within our furnishings. Getting rid of these unpleasant odours can be difficult, especially if you lack the necessary cleaning tools and equipment. Our upholstery cleaners can remove odours that have become firmly embedded in your furniture. Oshawa Carpet Cleaning has long provided odour removal services.

If any of these symptoms apply to you, it may be time to contact Oshawa Carpet Cleaning. When it comes to cleaning even the most delicate, antique upholstery, nothing is too difficult for our team of experts. We offer fair rates and will work with you to refinish your furniture.


How much does furniture cleaning cost?On average, sofa cleaning costs between $50 and $200, depending on size. Larger couches will be more expensive to clean due to the timing factor. Due to the processes and solutions required, unique materials such as suede and leather will also be more expensive. Because fragile cleaning techniques use separate chemicals, the expenses are higher.

How does steam cleaning furniture work?The vapour from a dry-steam cleaner allows you to deodorize and sterilize your sofa without using any chemicals. High-temperature steam also loosens and eliminates surface filth, brightening the fabric's colours. Steam cleaners are available with a variety of cleaning heads.

How often should furniture be cleaned?Once a year is an acceptable time frame, but only if there are no pets or young children in the house. If you have cats, dogs, small children, or simply a lot of guests, your upholstery should be cleaned three or four times a year.

What is furniture cleaning?Upholstery cleaning is the process of washing the cloth that covers your furniture, as the name implies. The method, however, is more involved than it appears at first. For starters, upholstery is typically made of delicate natural fibres like cotton. Furniture cleaning necessitates the use of specialized cleaning materials and equipment.

How often should you clean under and behind furniture?If you only have a few individuals in your home, every 2- 3 weeks should do; but, if you have more people, a dog, or hardwood floors, every 1- 2 weeks should be enough.

How much does it cost to clean a leather sofa?A full-size leather sofa cleaning typically ranges between $195 and $475, depending on the size and type of leather. A leather sofa is an investment that can cost between $1,500 and $4,000, so you'll want it to last for many years.

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